We have 500+ volunteers generously giving their time to help run this large UK charity with an international reach.

Volunteers are intrinsic to many of our departments and we have a great variety of roles to offer across them. The tables below provide an overview of the types of roles available and we’re always encouraging more volunteers to join us. 

These opportunities range from helping with activities on a local level (e.g. in your Region, Chapter or Group), to applying for election as a Trustee and working to set strategy. The roles encourage you to use your existing skills and develop new ones. This includes running volunteer teams and events, writing blogs and managing the communications to hanging photos, stewarding at activities and helping run refreshment stands. You can take on a role, or multiple roles and get involved on a weekly basis or volunteer ad-hoc when you can. 

We really do have something for everyone, and we’d love to welcome you to the 500-strong team already volunteering with us. 

What we offer:

  • A clear explanation of what your role involves, including relevant training opportunities
  • Appropriate resources and assistance to help you carry out your role
  • A full RPS induction
  • Opportunities to expand your skills and experience in relation to your role, and to change or take on additional roles
  • Recognition for your volunteering
  • The services of a dedicated Volunteering Manager, responsible for providing guidance and support
  • Agreed out-of-pocket expenses reimbursed in accordance with Society policy
  • For further information you can read our RPS Volunteer Policy (MP008), Volunteer Overview and RPS Volunteer Agreement.  

To find out more about roles available and getting started with us, please either:

  • Contact your Region, Chapter or Group representative if you’d like to volunteer locally to you.
  • Or email the Volunteering Manager for any other volunteer roles and we’ll be in touch. 

If you’re interested in joining our staff team at RPS House, please see our current vacancies here.

Volunteer roles - Regions, Chapters and Groups

Main committee roles: 


Responsible for leading a Region, Chapter or Group

Deputy Organiser/Chair

Assists/deputises for the Organiser/Chair as required


Responsible for keeping financial records and accounts


General admin, e.g. meetings, minutes, member communication

Subgroup/Subarea Coordinator

Leads a small section of a larger Chapter, Group or Region

Additional committee roles / Task volunteer roles  - These are flexible roles which could include any combination of the following, as required by the individual Region, Chapter or Group:

Web Editor
Manages microsites within the RPS website, e.g. updating/posting content and events
Publication Coordinator Creates and compiles content for publications such as regular e-newsletters, Group Journals, etc.
Exhibition Coordinator Organises exhibitions, including application and selection processes and logistics
Event Coordinator
Organises events (e.g. talks, walks, workshops), including booking speakers, venues, etc.
Distinctions Coordinator Works with the Distinctions department to organise successful Advisory and Assessment Days
Communications Coordinator Responsible for social media, publicity, advertising and/or promotion
Membership Coordinator Welcomes new members, responds to member enquiries, collates member feedback, etc.
Other Ad hoc tasks as required, e.g. helping to set up a venue, providing refreshments, greeting members, etc.

Volunteer roles - Trustees, Committees, Distinctions & Qualifications, RPS House

Trustees (by election)



Honorary Treasurer


Click on each role to view/download a role description

RPS Committees (by election or invitation)

Volunteer roles apply to all Committees, including:

  • Awards
  • Distinctions
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Science
  • Special Interest Groups
  • Regions
  • Representatives

Committee Chair

Committee Deputy Chair

Committee Member

External Advisor (for Committees and Panels)

For more information about RPS Committees, please see section 7.2 of the document below:

- Management Manual (MP001)

Distinctions and Qualifications (by invitation only) 

Volunteer roles apply to all Panels, including:

  • LRPS
  • Specialist Categories
  • Research, Education and Applications of Photography
  • Fellowship
  • Creative Industries Qualification
  • Imaging Scientist Qualification

Panel Chair

Panel Deputy Chair

Panel Member

Panel Observer

For more information about these roles, please see the following documents:

- Distinctions Role and Responsibilities (DP009)

- Distinctions Panel Membership Selection and Training (DP011)

- Fellowship Board (DP001)

RPS House, Paintworks Bristol 

Gallery Invigilation 

Resource Centre Assistants

Event Assistants

Admin Assistants

Listen to some of our fantastic volunteers talking about why they volunteer with the RPS below:  

Responsible for leading a Chapter, Group or Region

Responsible for leading a Chapter, Group or Region

Responsible for leading a Chapter, Group or Region