New Lomo-Instax Camera & Monobath Solution

04 July 2018

SIG: Analogue


A couple of announcements regarding analogue equipment, which may be of interest to Lomography users or instant film fans, and a ‘foolproof’ developer and fix for quick and easy processing:



New Camera from Lomography and Fujifilm


Lomography and Fujifilm have unveiled their collaboration on Lomo’s first instant camera to feature a hot shoe and changeable lenses, the Diana Instant Square. The camera can be fitted with Lomography’s 110 mm telephoto lens, 20 mm fisheye lens, 75 mm glass lens, 38 mm wide-angle lens, and 55 mm wide-angle lens, as well as featuring a tripod mount, a hot shoe mount, AAA battery power, detachable bright viewfinder, fully manual aperture and focus, and two shutter speeds. Like most analogue cameras over recent years this camera has been launched via Kickstarter’s Crowfunding campaign and has already met its pledge target. The first cameras should be available by December this year at $75.




New Single-Step Solution For Processing Film From CineStill


CineStill, a film company based in California, has announced the creation of a single-step monobath for processing black and white films, the Df96. According to the company, the solution is ‘foolproof’ allowing for photographers to easily process film at home in just three minutes. According to CineStill the monobath solution takes away the need for developer, stop bath, fixer, diluting and agitation, and can be used with any black and white film. A 1000ml bottle is available from CineStill’s website at $20, where you can also find out much more about the product and how it works. Click here.



- Amy-Fern Nuttall  


Image copyright © CineStill